See in KlocekKlocek is a smallvillage situatedon bothsides of Tuchola – Czerskroadin the heart of the Tuchola Forest, 3 km from the Brda river and 2 km from the Brda Canal. In Klocek, one will find a few holiday cabins, and 2 cottagesinhabited by local residents. It is surrounded by forests, woods, and lots of forests! Pine forests and birch forestsrichin mushroomsand berries.One will findboletus, xerocomus , chanterelle, and leccinum in large quantities. Flora andfauna ofthe surrounding foreststays intact. Here, tourists canencounterbeavers, hedgehogs, herons, cranes anda variety of uniqueplantssuch asmarsh wild rosemary used for moth.

There are four lakes in Klocek – two of them are privately owned, the owner provides for a small fee for fishing, and the other two are maintained by Polish Fishing Association – the Tuchola district branch. In all the lakes, you can catch pikes, perches, tenches, carps and many others. A lot of fish are caught here every day. There is even a paradise for connoisseurs of fly fishing called the land of the trout at the Brda river near Woziwoda – 3 km from Klocek

Klocekis locatednearmanyscenic sites, like the “river crossing” in Fojutowo, where a stream called Czerska Strugaflows under the Grand Canal of the Brda river; the reserve of “floating islands” and the reserve ofmarsh vegetation. One shouldbringtheir bikesasstraightforest roadsareperfectfor cycling. You can alsogo on acanoe trip. For lessskilled, one should try the GrandCanal of theBrda riverandfor experienced ones, try thewildand extremelybeautifulBrda. Lakes in Klocekwelcome you with their little “wild” beaches. The water is clean, the bottoms aresandy and, what is very important, in the season– you can meet veryfew tourists. The peace and quietness of this place, together with its remoteness from civilizationare the best way to look forrecuperation and relaxation.