Tuchola Forest

Tuchola ForestTuchola Forest is one of the largest pine forests in Poland. It covers about 3 thousand square km of the outwash plain (sandur) in the the basin of the rivers Brda and Wda and the Charzykowska Plain. These forests also gave their name to a physio-geographical mezo-region Tuchola Forest located in the eastern part of the complex, as well as to a number of surface formations of nature preservation, to a national park, a biosphere reserve, a Natura 2000 site, and also to a promotional forest complex. Tuchola Forest is also the name of various geo-botanical division systems, such as Tuchola Forest district described in the Szafer and Zarzycki system or as Tuchola Forest based on the Mroczkiewicz system.

Tuchola Forest usually grows on sandy outwash plains of the Charzykowska and Tucholska Plains, going slightly into the southern part of the Kashubian Lake District. The relief of the region was formed during the last ice age. In addition to the moraine hills, there are also sandurs, ribbons, sand dunes and river valleys. Among the forests tourists will find numerous lakes, including 40 lakes exceeding an area of ​​1 km ². The main rivers of Tuchola Forest are the Brda and Wda, smaller streams are Kloniecznica, Zbrzyca, Czerska Struga, and Młosienica.